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Larizzate is a village in the Vercelli plain, at the gates of the Grange road. The term "Grange", of French and Cistercian origin, takes us back to the Middle Ages, to ancient farms first linked to monasteries and the reclamation of marshy areas.



Naturalia is the Rosso family farm, a small reality in the world of rice - only about forty hectares of land available - which has decided to take the path of quality and naturalness of the products. Since 1992 the Rosso family has chosen to adhere to the European Community project for the protection of the territory, according to which rigorous production parameters are followed in respect of the environment. Alongside the historical production of classic rice in its own rice fields, Naturalia enriches the gastronomic tradition of the Vercelli risotto with ready-made recipes based on flowers, herbs and small fruits. The absolute protagonist of the Naturalia production is Carnaroli, the King of Rice.

Naturalia is also an educational farm for organized groups (minimum 10 people). With us it is possible to live the direct experience of life in the countryside, to know the vegetative cycle of rice, the cultivation techniques, the morphology of the grain, the value of rice in food, but also the history of rice in the Vercelli plain, as it has conditioned the history and development of our rice civilization.
Attraverso percorsi didattici concordati con insegnanti delle scuole, proponiamo agli studenti momenti di conoscenza e di gioco con il riso,
a seconda del livello di scolarità, a partire dalla scuola dell’infanzia.

The history

The first documents that talk about of Cascina Santa Maria - where Naturalia is based - date back to 1872. The Rosso family has been leading the farmhouse since 1931, when Federica's great-grandfather - now the soul of the company - moved the family and his family to Larizzate agricultural activity. At that time the fields were cultivated with rice, lawn, alfalfa, wheat and more, depending on the season and needs, because it was necessary to provide for the family's food and to meet the food needs of the animals, ie cows, horses and oxen that gave milk, labor force, and also manure, that is fertilizer for the land. The turning point towards rice came with his grandfather, after the war, and in a more modern way with Federica's father, who having studied agriculture, brought technical expertise to the company and started the direct sale of white rice in a cooperative form with the group that gave birth to ECORI. Federica Rosso began working in Cascina Santa Maria in 2001, initially flanked by her father, and gradually developed the Naturalia brand. In recent years the company has opened up by developing collateral activities for the production of rice: from direct sales with a shop in the farmhouse to the reception of school groups and groups who come to discover rice and its environment (Naturalia is also an educational farm ).

The Family

Naturalia today is an all-female company, led by Federica Rosso and her sisters Simona and Anna Maria, under the expert supervision of Mamma Giancarla, who has been able to transmit to her daughters the pride and passion of cultivating their lands as once, to produce not only excellent, natural and quality rice, but also creative and imaginative ingredients, capable of enriching the local gastronomic tradition of Vercelli risotto with a feminine, refined and innovative touch. Anna Maria deals with the cultivation of aromatic herbs, vegetables and flowers, Simona manages the teaching activities, and her mother Giancarla supports Federica in the rice cultivation and sales activities, as well as in the management of the shop.

Larizzate has the charm of the old place. Rice fields and fields all around, low brick houses in sight, flowers on the windows, bicycles leaning against the walls, small gardens near the houses. The hazy air of the lowlands landscapes.

Places have their own soul, women know it.

Federica Rosso

Federica Rosso