Our Risotto

Each type of rice, according to the grain and organoleptic characteristics, is different from the other, suitable for different types of preparation and therefore of dishes.


Our Creations

I Fioriti. are the great and intriguing novelty of Naturalia. The risotto with flowers are a real pleasure for taste and sight. Please note that the flowers, as well as other vegetable ingredients, are not dried, but freeze-dried, and this is a good guarantee for the genuineness and product yield.
I Fioriti. are a true rainbow of new and pleasant colors and flavors: sunflower petals with porcini mushrooms, rose petals with kale, violas and pears, zucchini and cornflower ... Cheerful and fragrant rice dishes to be enjoyed among family, friends and ... lovers. With such a delicious and amazing course, set the table either in a traditional or creative way, choose the matching wine, light some scented candle and fun and taste will increase, both for a planned dinner or a last-minute invitation .

Our Risotto